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About Mibro

Mibro (xiaoxun) is Xiaomi's earliest ecological chain company, S-level partner, the first echelon ecological chain company.

1. In 2015, Mibro (xiaoxun) was founded.

2. In 2016, made the first product for MITU.

3. In 2017, Mibro (xiaoxun) focused on making its own brand.

4. From 2017 to the present, Mibro (xiaoxun) mainly produces children's phone watches, and the size of children's phone watches is currently the second in China.



Xiaomi and LONGCHEER Group

Mibro (xiaoxun) has accepted the A round of financing is Nokia Growth Fund and Orange Heart Fund and Nokia Greater China CEO Deng, is a member of Xiaoxun's board of directors;

Currently Mibro (xiaoxun) is accepting Series B financing, and the funds are mainly used for product development.

LONGCHEER Group is one of China's largest mobile phone ODM companies, helping Xiaomi, Huawei, honor, oppo, vivi, HTC, Motorola do ODM, and cooperate with Google and Facebook in IOT products.

LONGCHEER Group and Xiaomi have 5 eco-chain companies, including IMILAB and 70Mai

We are keen to provide users with affordable high-quality high-tech products. We independently design, develop and produce unique intelligent hardware, and ensure product quality through a strict product quality control system. Based on high-tech companies in the field of smart wear, we take health as the starting point to create smarter and more convenient high-tech products. We continue to cooperate deeply with our partners to develop new technologies to help users develop healthy, positive, optimistic, and stylish lifestyle habits.